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A resolution that will really make a difference

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It’s that time of year when lights shine, hope is renewed and New Year’s resolutions start to emerge. Usually these resolutions involve doing something different so we feel we can better ourselves, manage our time more efficiently, be less stressed, or just be healthier than we were last year. We all know how most of those resolutions work. We start out committed, but in time, life catches up with us and we end up basically back where we started.

But what if this year we made a resolution to do one thing, just a simple thing to make our community healthier, less stressed, and safer? What if doing this one thing was free and took only a little over an hour of your time and could possibly change someone’s life permanently? Would you be interested?

Two years ago, Harbor House developed a training called Recognize, Respond and Refer, better known as R3. Since then, over 3,000 Central Floridians have completed this training and they have already made a huge impact. 61% of them were able to use the training within 6 months of receiving it and have helped someone who was in an abusive relationship. These are people from all walks of life. Fire fighters, EMT’s, physicians, nurses, teachers, daycare workers, human resource managers, security and law enforcement, even a mayor.

But why should you bother taking training on domestic abuse? What difference could it make for you to take the training? You don’t know anyone or haven’t come into contact with anyone who is abused, right?

The odds are you do know someone. In fact, you probably have a connection to one of the 18 individuals who died this year and don’t even realize it. You see, in 2011:

  • 185,000 people worked for the same company where one of the Orange County domestic abuse victims worked; 
  • 3,000 of you attended the same church;
  • 36,000 of your children went to school with their children or grandchildren.  
  • 18 individuals have died and 38 children left without a parent or grandparent. 

Still think domestic abuse hasn’t affected you?

This year let’s make a new New Year’s resolution. One that will improve who we are. One that will empower us and those around us. One that will enable us to help not only ourselves and our families, but our community as a whole. I want to challenge every single person who lives in Orange County to take the time learn more about domestic abuse. The knowledge will stay with you for a lifetime – and, unlike that resolution to be a better time manager or handwrite more notes, this one may in fact save someone’s life. And that’s a difference for which, a year from now, you can really be proud.

Harbor House of Central Florida offers free R3 training every month to members of the community.
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