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When’s the last time you got a new cell phone? With technology getting better and better each day, chances are it wasn’t very long ago. What about the phone before that? If you’re like many others, you probably have a drawer somewhere in your house with a few outdated, unused cell phones. Instead of collecting dust, why not give those phones to someone who may need it to save their life. Harbor House has established a cell phone recycling program that allows us to do just that.

Every time an employer upgrades company cell phones or the latest and greatest new cell phone comes out, dozens of cell phones get tossed aside or resigned to storage, never to be used again. Think about it: you may have more phones than you know what to do with, but there are people in your community who are in danger, and they don’t even have a way to call 911. By donating cell phones to Harbor House, you give survivors of abuse access to emergency services that could ultimately save their life and the lives of their children.

When we send phones to be recycled, we don’t just receive free emergency cell phones for our survivors; we also get paid a check for the phones we send. These funds are used for the operation of our programs and services, allowing us to continue to fight domestic abuse and shelter survivors of this epidemic.

So, while your old cell phone might seem like junk to you, to survivors of domestic abuse, it could mean the difference between life and death.

To start your cell phone drive today, download our

Cell Phone Drive Starter Kit, and watch the cell phones come in!



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