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If you are in danger or wish to speak with an advocate, please call one of the following:
Harbor House Hotline: 407-886-2856
Florida Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-500-1119
National Domestic Abuse Hotline: 1-800-799-7233.


Each year, the Emergency Shelter at Harbor House is a safe haven for nearly 1,000 women, men and children survivors of domestic violence. We provide over 28,000 nights of safety annually and never turn away a survivor in need.

When you come through our doors, you will not only have a safe place to stay; you will also receive daily living essentials, case management, counseling and daycare for your children, all at no cost. In addition, you will receive long-term support, including job and financial training, access to transitional and community based housing and ongoing support that will assist you and your family throughout your journey.

Harbor House provides the same scope of services for male survivors of domestic abuse, as well as victims of human trafficking from all over the world.

Please view our Shelter video to learn more about the services you will receive at our facility.

Child Services

Nearly half of all survivors who come to our Shelter each year are children, 49% of whom are under the age of four.

That’s why we focused our most recent capital project on the Dr. P. Phillips Children’s Center. This new facility features a large Harry Potter-themed afterschool room complete with a Wii, Xbox, and foosball table. There are also several classroom settings for Kindergarten through High School and a licensed childcare facility that offers top educational and trauma-informed programming as well as VPK. The Children’s Center is fully ADA accessible and has two outdoor, age-appropriate playgrounds.

Your children will be well cared for by our expertly trained and compassionate Child Services staff. The quality childcare environment we provide significantly improves a child’s experience at Shelter. It promotes educational and social development and a successful transition to their next learning environment. These activities will allow you to seek employment or continue working, as well as tend to legal matters and keep other appointments while at our Shelter.

Please view our Shelter video to learn more about the Dr. P. Phillips Children’s Center.


Few know – but too many have experienced – the horrifying connection between domestic violence and pet abuse. Harming a pet is often a retaliatory action of abusers who use animals as leverage to control their victims. More and more, it is emerging as one of the foremost reasons survivors delay leaving.

Harbor House wants no survivor to fear for a pet’s life after making the dangerous decision to flee a violent home. This is why Harbor House has embarked on constructing the Paws for Peace Kennel. By removing the fear that your pet may be harmed as a means of retaliation after you leave, the Paws Kennel will provide the security that all of your -and your pets’ – needs will be met as you embark on the journey to a new, safer life. The Paws Kennel is scheduled to open in the Spring of 2012. In the interim, we offer safe fostering with local partners.

If you and your pet are being harmed, you are not alone…

  • That 48% of domestic violence survivors delay leaving a violent home because they don’t have a safe place for their pets.
  • According to the American Animal Hospital Association, an estimated 88% of pets living in households with domestic violence are either abused or killed.
  • Of all survivors who enter domestic violence shelters to escape abuse, 57% have had a pet killed by their abuser.
  • Harbor House will be the only shelter in Central Florida to have a kennel for pets of domestic violence survivors.

Legal Advocacy

At Harbor House, we understand that the legal process can be intimidating. Our staff and volunteers will provide you with a compassionate experience if you are in need of emergency injunction for protection services.

With an office located directly in Orange County Courthouse, Harbor House is in a unique position to help every survivor of domestic violence who seeks the court’s intervention for safety. Harbor House advocates will meet with you to assist with a myriad of legal matters such as filing injunctions, translating legal documents, and securing pro-bono representation for injunctions. Our advocates will also help you prepare for hearings and come to court with you as support.

Harbor House Legal Advocacy staff are important allies in keeping you safe. View our Please view our Legal Advocacy Video for more information about our services. Or, if you are in immediate need of obtaining an injunction for protection against domestic violence, please call 407-836-2001 or visit an advocate at our office in the Orange Courthouse, 425 N. Orange Avenue, Room 520, Orlando, FL 32801.

We understand that the need to stay safe extends far beyond the operating hours of the courthouse. That’s why Harbor House staff are deputized to grant injunctions 24 hours a day through our emergency hotline: 407-886-2856.


For survivors who do not need or are not ready for Emergency Shelter, Harbor House offers Outreach Programs at three scattered sites in Orange County. Through our Outreach Program, you’ll have access to individual counseling, support groups, and case management services. You will also be able to apply for transitional and community-based housing and other local resources. Our Outreach Programs are available to all survivors of domestic abuse, including men, women, teenagers, and GLBT survivors.

To schedule your appointment with an Outreach Advocate, please call the Harbor House hotline: 407-886-2856.

InVEST Partnership

For survivors who do not reach out, yet are identified as most at risk of being seriously harmed, Harbor House formed the InVEST Partnership with Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Orlando Police Department, CBC of Central Florida, Children’s Home Society, Orange County Animal Services and Orange County Probation.

Through this program, Harbor House advocates reach out to survivors of domestic abuse with InVEST Partners to assess the lethality of the situation and provide survivors with the resources necessary to be safe, including immediate access to the Emergency Shelter.


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