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You may not think much about your bathroom towels. Or worry much when your child loses one of his toys. You may not think twice when you lay down on a soft pillow and clean sheets at night. But what if your family had none of the above?

Why the In-Kind Donation Center?

Our emergency shelter residents often arrive with little more than the clothes on their backs. The simplest things…bath towels and band-aids…toothbrushes and toilet paper….are a very real need that helps give our residents a sense of safety, security and stability in a time of crisis.

Our 2,100 square foot In-Kind Donation Center is located on-site at Harbor House’s confidential 110-bed Emergency Shelter. It is a dual-purpose building that includes the Paws for Peace Kennel.

We are very lucky to have such a caring community that wants to help our residents.


The In-Kind Donation Center gives us the:

  • Ability to store many in-demand items enabling quick distribution to those who call our shelter home.
  • Ability to seek and accept in-kind donations of items that would otherwise need to be purchased.
  • Expand our ability to store a wider variety of items  including flatware, pots and pans, strollers or diapers.

These changes result in a better experience for donors and an increased service level for our shelter residents.


From paper towels to a washer/dryer and everything in between. No item is too small or too large thanks to our new Center!

Start a donation drive with your friends, family or community group. You’d be surprised how quickly things will add up!