Camille’s Story

Camille* was referred to an Outreach Case Manager at Harbor House by a law enforcement officer following a particularly brutal assault by her boyfriend. She was exhausted from the countless years of abuse and was ready to make a change for her and her children. Camille was prepared for the challenges this new journey would bring, including working long hours to meet her financial obligations, discovering her balance as a newly single-parent, and finishing her Bachelor’s Degree.

After her first meeting with an Outreach Case Manager, Camille knew she had a strong support system on her side, ready to help her achieve her goals and overcome trauma. Harbor House worked tirelessly to help Camille apply for financial assistance, childcare support, and a variety of additional community resources that would allow her more time and freedom to devote in school, to better her future and pave the pathway for hope.

Camille built a strong relationship with her advocate and knew she gained the strength to reach out for referrals, assistance, or just to talk, when she needed support. Her advocate even created a life-changing connection that provided rental assistance for two months while she focused on a school internship. Not only was Camille able to work less hours and focus on her education, but Harbor House also provided Camille with food, gas cards, pet food, and hygiene supplies to support her family.

With persistence and courage, Camille surpassed all of the barriers that prevented her from breaking the cycle of abuse. Camille has discovered life after domestic violence and has built a bright and hopeful future for her, her children, and her pets.

At Harbor House, we have a variety of free and confidential services to meet the needs of all survivors. Our Outreach program is a service that caters to survivors not participating in our Emergency Shelter. When working with Outreach, each survivor receives a Case Manager located within a similar zip code range to accommodate survivors throughout Orange County. Survivors and Case Managers meet in-person on an as-needed basis to provide crisis intervention, safety planning, referrals, counseling and support groups, and unwavering support.

Our Outreach services and resources are located at several offices throughout Orange County, including community centers. We can help you and your children along your journey as you plan for your future, free from abuse. We’re here to listen – and help you begin to heal.

If you or someone you know would benefit from our Outreach program, please call our 24/7 confidential hotline at 407-886-2856 to learn more.

*Name changed to protect identity.