Where hope finds help.




Imagine a fearful plunge over the waterfall of domestic abuse. After terrifying seconds under water,
survivors often find themselves gasping, thrashing for help. But they are not alone. Outstretched arms
from Harbor House of Central Florida, lengthened and strengthened by your support,
pull people to safety and to hope.

When you support Harbor House, we offer not only emergency shelter, court injunctions and
our hotline. We’re there before the desperate calls to 911, before abusers lash out in anger.
We’re there to prevent – and end – domestic abuse through education. When you partner with us,
we reach and teach everyone from children to business leaders to Recognize, Respond and Refer.
We also equip law enforcement and all first-responders to effectively and empathetically support survivors.

When we all protect ourselves and those around us, we ensure everyone lives safely in our community.
Only then can we end the physical and psychological damage to survivors. Only then can we stop the
hemorrhaging cost of abuse on law enforcement, justice systems, and businesses.

Come to the top of the waterfall with us. It’s where we not only help survivors avoid the dangerous fall
but where we start to prevent it from ever happening.