Domestic abuse is preventable, not inevitable.


At Harbor House, we’re determined to break the cycle of domestic abuse from one generation to the next. Preventing abuse means everyone has to recognize what a healthy relationship is in addition to the warning signs of an unhealthy one. Healthy communities are ones that do not tolerate abuse and speak out when they see it.

To this end, we target five distinct groups in our efforts: First Responders; Businesses; Faith organizations; Youth; and the General Community.

Everyone must work together end abuse.

Will you join us?

Youth Empowerment Action Team


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Expand your leadership skills while engaging in meaningful work. As a Youth Empowerment Action Team member, you will be the voice of youth violence prevention. Volunteer alongside a team to create a marketing campaign, network with community leaders, sharpen your public speaking skills, and overall, create a healthy social environment.


What It’s About      Apply Here


Jordan Crawford

Hi, my name is Jordan Crawford. I am currently a William Boone High School Senior. I plan to attend the University of North Florida and participate in the Naval ROTC program. Where I will study and explore their Computer Science program and hopefully run in the track program there. I became a part of “Youth Empowerment Action Team” because I want to make a difference among my peers that may be struggling with issues and feel as if they are alone. Outside of school and Y.E.A.T. I participate in Track & Field, Weightlifting, Cross Country and tutoring youth in my community.

Monique Marsh

My name is Monique Marsh and I’m a senior attending William R. Boone High School, I would like to attend the University of Central Florida so I can further explore the field of Psychology. Being part of the Youth Empowerment Action Team, I have goals of helping others, letting them know that they are never alone in this world, goals of becoming apart of something much bigger than myself.