Danielle’s Story – Program Spotlight: EVE

*Danielle’s story began with physical abuse at the hands of her abuser, a torment that left visible scars. However, the cruelty didn’t end there; upon their breakup, the abuser weaponized intimate images, releasing them onto the internet. To intensify the trauma, these images were sent to the survivor’s family, plunging her into a pit of humiliation.

The abuser’s viciousness extended beyond the digital realm, manifesting in death threats directed at Danielle and her family. The disclosure of their same-sex relationship, a revelation that should have brought acceptance and understanding, instead resulted in the withdrawal of familial support, leaving her isolated in the face of adversity.

Upon connecting with Harbor House, Danielle found acceptance and true support. She embarked on a legal journey, filing an injunction to shield her from the relentless threats. However, the abuser skillfully evaded the legal repercussions until the Orlando Police Department intervened. Two warrants were issued, leading to the abuser’s arrest.

Our Early Victim Engagement (EVE) team ensured the serving of the long-dodged injunction to her abuser. This critical step aimed to provide the survivor with the security she had been denied for far too long. With this new safety, Danielle can rebuild her life and find solace, escaping the shadow of fear that has haunted her. In the face of adversity, Danielle’s story stands as a testament to strength, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of a future defined by safety and empowerment.

At Harbor House, our commitment to supporting survivors goes beyond conventional services. While all our free and confidential offerings play a crucial role, one distinctive program stands out for its impact — the EVE Program. EVE advocates play a vital role in providing intense advocacy with a coordinated community response, involving law enforcement and the criminal court process.

Advocates meet face-to-face with survivors, addressing safety concerns and offering support through various services, including crisis counseling, case management, victim compensation, safety planning, and information on criminal and civil cases. They also assist with the Injunction process, connecting survivors with Injunction for Protection Attorneys, and providing access to programs like the Victim Information and Notifications Everyday (VINE) Program. They actively handle issues related to violations of injunctions and criminal No Contact Orders.

*Referrals for Early Victim Engagement services are made by law enforcement and the State Attorney’s Office, with advocates available at key locations including the Orlando Police Department, Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Apopka Police Department, and the Booking and Releasing Center.

*Name changed to protect identity.