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  • Assists petitioners who come to the courthouse seeking an Injunction for Protection from domestic violence by providing referrals for supportive services
  •  Completes information cards, safety plans, child abuse incident reports, and any other necessary paperwork
  • Assists victims in determining if they meet the criteria for filing an injunction and assists in the proper completion of the forms
  • Prepares petitioners for what to expect in the courtroom and accompanies groups of petitioners to their injunction hearing
  • Explains injunction orders to victims: provides literature and referrals as necessary
  • Provides information regarding injunctions for protection and referrals to survivors by telephone
  • Provides immediate support and crisis intervention counseling to victims filing an injunction for protection
  • Advocates within the justice system as needed, for survivors of domestic violence
  • Provides documentation of survivor’s information as needed by the courts (always respecting the confidentiality of the survivor)
  • Is able to problem solve with survivors with appropriate feedback, both on the telephone and in person
  • Uses active listening skills with appropriate self-disclosure
  • Is respectful and non-judgmental in all dealings survivors
  • Is able to effectively structure crisis counseling sessions
  • Makes appropriate referrals


  • Knowledge of basic computer skills
  • Knowledge of services available through Harbor House, OCCADV
  • Knowledge of laws pertaining to domestic violence
  • Knowledge o local resources and referrals for survivors
  • Ability to work with culturally diverse groups of both genders
  • Ability to interact in a professional manner with members of other agencies
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and utilize resources effectively
  • Ability to show caring and empathy toward survivors of domestic violence
  • Ability to maintain client records according to Agency standards
  • Ability to recognize signs of physical, emotional, sexual abuse and respond appropriately
  • Ability to provide effective and immediate crisis intervention for survivors
  • Ability to work independently with sound judgment
  • Ability to be flexible in job tasks within a “team” format


    • Volunteer application online (signed confidentiality form and volunteer agreement)
    • Recognize, Respond and Refer (RRR) training register here
    • Background check
    • CORE-Competency training held quarterly
    • Interview with Courthouse Manager
    • Courthouse Orientation

Become a Volunteer