Marco’s Story

Marco* was referred to our outreach program for domestic violence services. Our advocate noticed his language barrier and difficulty reading and collaborated with another advocate to provide Spanish translation services to Marco. In bridging the language barrier, our advocates were able to assess the situation and discovered that Marco was a victim of physical, emotional, and financial abuse by the mother of his children.

Unfortunately, one day the emotional abuse escalated to physical violence. While Marco tried to dodge the attack and defend himself, one of his daughters was tragically assaulted by her own mother. Marco knew he needed to leave this situation for fear of his and his children’s safety and well-being.

Upon working with the outreach advocates, Marco was provided with court and legal services through Harbor House where he received free legal counsel. Our advocates also provided a referral for him to receive help in obtaining his immigration documents.

It was discovered that Marco’s difficulty with reading was due to poor vision. In addition to vision challenges, Marco’s teeth were extensively damaged by his abuser. Our advocates referred him to community partners who were able to restore his vision, his smile, and his confidence. Marco shared that with his new pair of glasses, he can help his daughters complete their homework and be more efficient at work.

Working with a male survivor is never easy. It took many sessions with Marco to open up; due to the stigma of men as victims of domestic violence. When Marco was ready to open up, he expressed his feelings and let his emotions flow. He learned that men can cry too. Marco knows that the healing process is still a long road ahead, but he also knows he doesn’t have to walk it alone.

It has been gratifying to have been a part of Marco’s growth. He has found his voice. Marco always reminds us that he doesn’t have a support system and that he felt “at-home” with us. He doesn’t see us as advocates, but instead, as his family!