You Work

You matter. You make a difference in the world simply by being in it.

You are special. You are special because you add something different to life than someone else does.

You are my equal. You are my equal since no one person is more important than anyone else.

One of the core values, which Harbor House has written in our guidelines, is acceptance. “…Each person should be treated as an equal and that only through a relationship based on equality will he or she be able to begin to trust and heal.”

When you are in an abusive relationship, the equality scale feels as though it is tipped in the favor of abuser.  Before this relationship you knew how strong, distinctive, and extraordinary you are. After some time with your partner, you don’t believe these attributes which made you unique and amazing. This change has been taken away through words, looks, shrugs, and possibly physical violence. Getting your sparkle back doesn’t feel possible; it doesn’t feel as though you deserve to be the remarkable person you are.

“How can I move on? No one will want me! I’m not special; I’m used up. I don’t matter to anyone. Why would anyone love me when I’m so unlikable? There’s nothing unique about me. I’m boring and ugly.”

We, at Harbor House, believe differently than those thoughts in your mind. We know you matter. You are special. You are our equal. We accept you just the way you are. You may come to us despondent and depressed; this is our cue to work with you on healing your soul.

You may sit in a session with us and not believe what we are telling you; we understand there will be trust issues and we will work on those with you. You may be reading this and thinking, “I don’t deserve any help. I’ve been in abusive situations my entire life. This is just the way it is.” Harbor House is here to show you we believe in you and want to help you get your self-respect and courage back.

Our mission is not to fix you; we want to help you heal and learn to trust again. It takes one moment of bravery to pick up the phone and call us. That one call can completely change your life – for the better.